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College Humor

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

College Humor

All Dumb!

Family Guy Lois

Family Guy Lois: Oh, I haven't been on a college campus in years. Everything seems so different.
Family Guy Stewie: Really? Perhaps if you laid on your back with your ankles behind your ears that would ring a few bells.

Guy on Airplane: Oh great, I always end up sitting next to a damn baby.
Family Guy Stewie: What did you just say?
Family Guy Lois: Stewie, stop fussing.
Family Guy Stewie: Pipe down Lois. (Slaps guy on head.) Hey big man, turn around. Oh you can't hear me now. I was going to watch the movie, but forget it. For the next 5 hours, you're my bitch.

Family Guy Lois: Honey, what do you say we uh...christen these new sheets, huh?
Family Guy Peter: Why Lois Griffin, you naughty girl.
Family Guy Lois: Hehehe...that's me.
Family Guy Peter : You dirty hustler.
Family Guy Lois: Hehehehe...
Family Guy Peter : You filthy, stinky prostitute.
Family Guy Lois: Aha, ok I get it...
Family Guy Peter : You foul, venereal disease carrying, street walking whore.
Family Guy Lois: Alright, that's enough!


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i love stewie t

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College Humor

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