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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

College Humor

All Dumb!

Family Guy

This site is dedicated to the hilarious comedy show Family Guy. Through this website, we have attempted to honor the ingenious wit of Seth MacFarlane and other writers of the show that take a fresh approach to comedy and often make light of social issues, modern scandals, and creed. The show crosses the boundaries of political correctness with smart humor and social satire. For those who appreciate Family Guy and understand a majority of the gags, we've put together this website to help preserve Family Guy episode information, as well as try to catalog as many references to pop culture and obscure things as possible.

Family Guy is television at its best. The humor on this show is always intelligent and always on the edge. This show is a breath of fresh air for mundane television and will soon awaken the FOX network again. Thanks to the networks such as TBS and Cartoon Network for showing the Family Guy reruns and making it popular again.

This website is updated daily with a hand picked selection of Family Guy quotes and additional information about the show. Please visit us on a regular basis to find hilarious Family Guy quotes, and general bits of humor from the show that make it so hilarious. Nothing on our website is automatically generated. All the information is carefully hand-picked by scouring the internet and other resources in an attempt to showcase the best of Family Guy and collect any news that Family Guy fans would be interested in.

We encourage you to comment on the quotes and add any of your own favorite quotes from the show. When adding a new quote please help us by ensuring that there are no typos and, also, please give a background so that our visitors will understand the context of the quotes.


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